Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

Post  Zero on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:37 am

[size=18]<insert name here>[/size]


[i]Physical Description:[/i] Just explain what your character looks like, including face, body, clothes, any specific characteristics, etc. If you have a drawing of them, you can put it instead

[i]Personality:[/i] What makes your characters tick? Explain their behavior, tastes, etc.

[i]Past:[/i] How did your character become who they are today? This section doesn't have to be very long (after all, it always sucks when a character with deep and detailed backstory gets killed off, so don't blame me if you write 10 pages and die in your first fight), but just give us a general idea. Oh, and DEFINITELY include the reasons why they became assassins

[i]Weaponry:[/i] Aaah, the part that matters the most! Read the other help topics if you need tips on this part, but basically - keep it fair.


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