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Character Creation Info

Post  Zero on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:25 am

Alright, a few quick tips and rules about how the character creation around here works. Most of it is pretty basic, but still, I'd like to make it all clear.

-First off, how to make a character. Go into the "Template" thread and copy the form from there. Then, make a thread in the "Assassin Profiles" forum. Name it after your character. In it, paste the form and fill it out
-While filling it out, please keep in mind that "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". The UAA is a dirty business, and nobody expects its operatives to fight fair. Guns, swords, vehicles, giant killer robots... well, alright, maybe not giant killer robots, but you get my point. The ONLY requirement is that your character shouldn't be too overpowered. 1-shot lethal 100% accurate guns are overpowered. Miniguns/RPGs are not. An impenetrable flying tank is overpowered. A truck is not. You get the idea. Just make sure the pros and cons of your weapon/characteristics are about somewhat equal, and we're cool
-Your character CAN be related to others, whether by family, by friendship or whatever. HOWEVER! If the character you're related to isn't yours, then you must ask for permission to include them in your backstory from the original creator. I'm not gonna punish you if you don't, but I will remove all references from your profile, by force if necessary
-Also, keep in mind - this takes place AFTER No More Heroes 2. Aside from all the assassins being dead, Travis, Sylvia and the others are nowhere to be found as well (but frankly, nobody from the new UAA ever bother to look). Bottom line - NO CANONS, all of the ranked fighters have to be OCs
-After you've made your character, the UAA take it from there. I'll examine your file and approve it, or tell you what to correct if something's off about it. For your convenience, however, if that's the case, then I'll list all of the wrong stuff in my post, so if you fix everything I tell you, then on the second check you'll be instantly approved and ranked
-After you're approved, you'll start at the lowest ranking possible. Whether it's 5 or 10 or 500 depends on how many players are playing at the time. Your goal then is only one - make your way to the top. You can start by issuing a challenge to the next rank by making a thread in the Challenges board
-As of now, you can only have ONE active character in the game. However! You can have as many other characters as you want pre-approved. Meaning that if your active character is killed, the oldest pre-approved character will be automatically ranked so you can continue playing. Of course, they'll start at the lowest rank
-As of now, face claims are NOT allowed, meaning you can NOT play as a character that looks exactly 100% like an already existing character (no matter from what medium). HOWEVER! You are allowed to rip them off in your description as long as you add just enough from your own imagination. Example - you wanna play as Kratos from "God of War"? No prob, just give him a suit and a fedora, and maybe change his weapons a little, and there you go! Instant awesome!

And that should be it!

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