UAA Ranking Rules

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UAA Ranking Rules

Post  Zero on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:44 am

The United Assassins Association would like to present this document to all of its ranked employees in the hopes of answering all of the questions about how the UAA ranking system works. Please read through it carefully. Or else, our company may be forced to take... drastic actions in order to suspend you from your rank. We appreciate it!

1. Immediately after joining the UAA, you will be assigned a rank, more specifically, the lowest rank possible
2. In order to rise up in the ranks, you need to defeat everyone before you in a 1 on 1 fight to the death
3. You can only challenge the Assassin that is 1 rank above you, for example if you're rank 15, you can only challenge the 14th Assassin, and if you win, you can challenge the 13th, and so on until you reach number 1
4. In order to fight you must publicly post a challenge at the Challenges board
5. If you've been issued a challenge, you have the option to decline it. You can even decline all of the challenges issued to you. However...
6. If you haven't fought at all for a month (no matter if it was to defend your rank or to rise to the next one) you will be stripped of your ranked and placed last in the charts
7. If you've been stripped of your rank 3 times, then your contract at the UAA will be permanently terminated
8. The only one immune to the above rules is the No. 1 assassin. However, if they are challenged by No. 2, they don't have the option to decline. If the No. 1 Assassin declines the fight, they will be stripped of their rank and assigned the lowest rank possible. This counts towards the 3-times rule
9. Once you've been issued a challenge, you have 3 days to respond to it (a week in case you've notified the Association you'll be away). If you agree, the battle begins as soon as the contestant is ready
10. If you accept a challenge, you can request from the UAA the location of the fight. The challenger doesn't have a say in the matter
11. During a challenge fight, the only possible end is death. In case the winner doesn't want to finish the loser off, the UAA will do it for them
12. If another ranked assassin wants to fight for you, whether to repay a favor or for some other reason, then they are allowed to do so. Of course, their rank doesn't matter and will only move one place forward if successful (just as they would if they didn't participate at all, seeing as one rank will be eliminated). However, in order to fight, first, they need to be of a lower rank than the challenger, and second, they can only fight the person just above the challenger's rank. In practice, they'd just replace the challenger as the active fighter, but nothing else changes. Of course, in case they lose, they will be killed, but the challenger will remain unharmed and will be able to fight the next rank himself afterward.

1. When the executives deem it necessary, a Battle Royale will take place. This includes 5 or more Assassins fighting at the same time, and only one will come out alive. The survivor will take the rank of the highest Assasin defeated in the battle, whether or not he killed him himself
2. Only assassins ranked 11th and below can participate in a Battle Royale
3. Usually, a Battle Royale will only take place during a period of inactivity, and thus, once invited, participation is absolutely necessary. Those who refuse or are not able to participate will be stripped of their ranks. This counts towards the 3-times rule
4. The location of the Battle Royale will be determined by UAA. The participants have no say in the matter

Please keep in mind that the following ruleset can and will be updated without warning if the UAA sees fit to do so. Enjoy our services!

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